Saturday, February 6, 2016

Limericks in Honor of Hillary Clinton

Limericks in Honor of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Dillary Rhetorical
She calls her critics deplorable
But they know she’s a phony
So full of baloney
When Trump wins she will be deportable.

Hillary Dillary sleeze
It’s likely she has a disease
She coughs and  she staggers
And it’s a fairly good wager
She’ll soon need to crawl on her knees.

Hillary Dillary Cork.
In her please stick a fork.
No one can trust her, and
The Feds want to bust her,
So we can all be done with this Dork.

Hillary Dillary Snoop.
Out of her mouth comes sheer poop.
She never can muster,
Any more that just bluster,
And treats everyone as a dupe.

Hillary Dillary Honey.
The Woman loves nothing but money.
She never stops trying,
And resorts to fake crying.
When its apparent to all that she’s lying.

Hillary Dillary Ream.
Her morals are from a bad dream.
She lies and she cheats,
For her pals the big treats.
For the rest, she’s a most dismal scene

Hillary Dillary Fake.
With all the warmth of a snake
All her moves are suspicious
Her talk meretricious
And her hubby an infamous rake.

Hillary Dillary Sage
She rants and raves on the stage
She talks democratic,
But lives aristocratic,
And deserves to be put in a cage.
Hillary Dillary Dock.
Her vaunted career is a crock.
Takes big dough from Goldman
But acts not beholden,
To Wall Street she remains in deep hock. 

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