Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Question Hillary Cannot Answer: Thanks Donald

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declined on Monday to say if she has been in communication with any of the women involved in the sex scandals during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Asked if she has had any interactions with them, or feels empathy for any of them, Clinton told The Des Moines Register: “No, I have nothing to say and I will leave it to voters to determine whether any of that is at all relevant to their decision.   
From the January 12th interview with Hillary Clinton and The Des Moines Register

There you have it.  She is quite a talker. She gets three hundred grand a pop for boiler plate, completely forgettable, uninspiring speeches, and currently on the campaign trail she’s rarely at a loss for words.  But the walking-talking spin machine who has a whole lot to say about a lot of things, particularly about what a “fighter” she is, particularly what a champion she is for women suddenly opts to take the “take the fifth” when someone asks her about those women who had aroused the interest of Bill and had the misfortune to find themselves alone with him.

You really cannot blame her for the dodge.  I mean, talk about a “gottcha” question.  No where to go with this one, but hey, she’ll have to hope those “voters” are as stupid as she must think they are. You’d almost feel sorry for her.  Not really.  She was deluded enough last December to make, what was that tweet?   Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.” https://t.co/mkD69RHeBL  Ah yes, those survivors of sexual assault – assaulted like, perhaps, getting raped (Juanita Broadderick) or trapped in a room with a certain Arkansas Governor exposed and not so politely insisting on a blow job (Paula Jones) or … well, it can go on a bit more but that’s all so 1990’s and as George Soros would say, lets “Move on”.  Not so fast though:  perhaps in a few years some of those underage girls who were on those flights to “Orgy Island” with Bill Clinton and one of his buddies, convicted pedophile, Jeffery Epstein, in Epstein’s plane, may want to be “heard, believed and supported.” 
I’m sure Hillary Clinton, wherever she is will be completely supportive. You never know. 

Unfortunately for Hillary, those younger female voters who were too young to experience the reign of Clintons in the 1990s and the management of the President’s “Bimbo eruptions” as his own people so kindly put it, I suspect, will soon get very well acquainted with at least some of the names of Bill’s casualties and Hillary’s somewhat less than sympathetic response to their plight.  One of course can never predict but one does wonder if the younger female generation will be so indulgent with Bill as was Nina Burleigh, the White House correspondent for Time Magazine who covered the Clinton White House during the Lewinsky scandal.  She said, she “would be happy to give [Bill Clinton] a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal. I think American women should be lining up with their presidential kneepads on to show their gratitude for keeping the theocracy off our backs.” Read more at http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/121283/nina-burleigh-back-kathryn-jean-lopez
Perhaps Hillary’s campaign should introduce a feminist “kneepad” theme in keeping with this inspiring encomium so if and when theocrat slayer Bill takes his rightful place in the White House beside Hillary, the ceremonies of “gratitude” can get underway.  I’m sure the lines will be very long with much lip service to be paid.

This touchy matter of Bill’s rough business with women used to be off-limits for reporters covering Hillary Clinton’s political campaigns but those women Bill abused are still around, and, they have the temerity to think they “deserve to be heard, believed and supported.” Imagine! Worse for Hillary, given her life long aversion to the truth and relentless self-promotion, a lot of people now are beginning to realize that she is a shameless opportunist and a terrible liar. Maybe those women were not the “sluts” and “looney tunes” Hillary said they were. Who would you believe? The more these women Bill abused and Hillary smeared talk, the more people will listen and wonder. The more reporters ask her what the Des Moines Register reporter recently asked her, the less she will look even remotely Presidential and more like, well, someone who should just go away, leave us alone and be content to have looted the White House just once.

Times do seem to have changed.  Clinton infatuation isn’t quite what it once was.  Hillary has gotten older not wiser, more insulated and, hard as it is to believe, even more entitled and arrogant.  Hence the tweet which you have to think makes even the most die hard Clintonistas cringe and say to themselves, “Are you crazy?”  Then, as if that is not walking into the middle of the ring and sticking your chin out, she decides to work the usual “sexist” angle on …. Donald Trump.  Oooo, that will put him in his place.  Well, whatever you think of Trump, this was not a real smart move.  He’s not your typical Republican punching bag, like Mitt Romney.  For whatever reasons, the Republicans have for a long time let those Lefties in their glass houses throw their stones without pitching a few back and let the mainstream media reporters run all over them, shilling for Democrats while pretending to be journalists (Candy Crowley leaps to mind).  Trump hasn’t gotten the memo, backhands the sneering reporters and suddenly Hillary has to try to change the subject.  Trump is no one’s floor mat and he seems willing to go where no Republican has gone before and should have – which is why his popularity is growing and why unlike the last two Republican candidates for President he may actually win.

“Ready for Hillary” is Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan with its barely sublimated entitlement message, but with the Clintons there is never a shortage of perverse irony. “Ready for Hillary?” formed as a question raises a lot of questions, many of them nightmarish and  unseemly, most of them relating to a lot of stuff she and Bill did that other less connected folks would have gone to jail for.  Come to think of it, a lot of their associates did end up in jail. No one was better at pitching their helpers under the bus than the Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos of Little Rock.

Trump, whatever else he does, has helped to change “Ready for Hillary” from a rally cry into an ugly question, maybe several of them.  He has played the wonderful role of the child pointing at the naked emperor and asking the obvious question, the question that for some of us has been in play for long time, but may soon be out there for a broader and more complete national rumination.  Why would any decent person in this country want to put a man with such a long and sordid history of abusing women anywhere near the White House next to a Madam President wife who smeared the women he injured?