Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bernie Meets Al

“Mr., Sanders first at act after his 22-point victory in predominantly white New Hampshire was to travel to Harlem in New York and have breakfast with high-profile civil-rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton.”
                        Wall Street Journal, February 11, 2016

Shame on the Wall Street Journal.  Whatever the many attributes that could be attached to Al Sharpton, a “civil rights leader” is not one of them. The “Rev.” is fake as well.  Yes, these are how the sycophant Democrats who suck up to this race hustler like to present him, but no respectable newspaper should append those descriptors to Sharpton without the use of quotation marks.  They would not need quotation marks for: huckster, fraud, slanderer and stool pigeon.

But to the point.  The appeal of Bernie Sanders, particularly to the young people who seem to be among his greatest enthusiasts, is that of an “idealist”, a man of ethics and principle who remains in word and deed consistent with his political ideology, which until recently has been opined to be on the far left regions of American politics. 

And, after pulverizing the widely perceived “inauthentic”, “say anything to get elected” Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire early this week, Mr. Senator Sincere, Bernie Sanders’ first stop is with the “Reverend” Sharpton, someone who, generously speaking, might be said to embody the antithesis of idealism. That Sharpton, a sleazy, riot-fomenting opportunist, can now play a role of “king-maker” (sorry Hillary) for the Democrats is as sorry a commentary as can be imagined in contemporary American politics.  Sharpton, who should be shunned by any decent person, is warmly embraced by the Democrat establishment, including the President.  That the Jewish Sanders is eager to pow wow with this crude, race baiter with his own anti-Semitic history suggests that Sanders’ ethics and much vaunted integrity are not so different from any other Democrat who bends the knee and slobbers on Sharpton’s ring.  

Hillary is floundering.  She has become the Leonid Brezhnev of the Democrat party – an embalmed stiff, serially corrupt, stolid, robotic and boring, offering no coherent or compelling reason why she should be in charge.  All she lacks is a General's jacket with 40 pounds of fake medals. Like Brezhnev, what does she believe other than she should be the one to boss other people around and live like a pasha while everyone else sucks eggs? No one over 45 is interested in her, and for good reason. Her husband, no doubt, would like to be back, slouching around in the White House with access to more young interns, but again, what do the Clintons offer but more scandals and sordid dramas?

Bernie needs black votes in the upcoming southern primaries in order to push Hillary off the island, and unfortunately for him Hillary has a longer history and more “know how” in racial pandering. She has just been christened by the Congressional Black Caucus.  They have worked with Hillary over the years and know her well, as was mentioned on CNN in non-stop repetition of this completely predictable, sorry moment of Beltway collusion.  The Congressional Black Caucus endorsing Hillary is very reassuring – a bit like Al Capone vouching for Meyer Lansky. 

So then, what did Bernie and Al talk about?   Bernie needs Al, but Al doesn’t need Bernie.  Which is why Bernie is coming to Harlem seeking some sort of benediction from this Pontiff of racial resentment.  Who would not want to be a fly on the wall for this conversation, but for Sharpton to bless Bernie, he (Bernie) is going to have “out-Hillary” in smearing Republicans in their contempt for Black Americans. Not that he won’t make a serious effort but  this will be a tall order.  Recently Hillary, playing demagogue during the recent Flint water crisis fumed that: “The governor of that state (Rick Snyder, a Republican) acted as though he didn’t really care.” Why, one might ask, does Rick Snyder not care while Hillary does? Fortunately for Hillary, Synder is a Republican or the smear would be a bit more complicated for her.   One does not have to be remotely cynical or blindly partisan to find this revolting.  We know how Clinton will pander to the Black voters. Since she will say or do anything to win, it will be intriguing in the next few weeks to see how a man of integrity operates.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Limericks in Honor of Hillary Clinton

Limericks in Honor of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Dillary Rhetorical
She calls her critics deplorable
But they know she’s a phony
So full of baloney
When Trump wins she will be deportable.

Hillary Dillary sleeze
It’s likely she has a disease
She coughs and  she staggers
And it’s a fairly good wager
She’ll soon need to crawl on her knees.

Hillary Dillary Cork.
In her please stick a fork.
No one can trust her, and
The Feds want to bust her,
So we can all be done with this Dork.

Hillary Dillary Snoop.
Out of her mouth comes sheer poop.
She never can muster,
Any more that just bluster,
And treats everyone as a dupe.

Hillary Dillary Honey.
The Woman loves nothing but money.
She never stops trying,
And resorts to fake crying.
When its apparent to all that she’s lying.

Hillary Dillary Ream.
Her morals are from a bad dream.
She lies and she cheats,
For her pals the big treats.
For the rest, she’s a most dismal scene

Hillary Dillary Fake.
With all the warmth of a snake
All her moves are suspicious
Her talk meretricious
And her hubby an infamous rake.

Hillary Dillary Sage
She rants and raves on the stage
She talks democratic,
But lives aristocratic,
And deserves to be put in a cage.
Hillary Dillary Dock.
Her vaunted career is a crock.
Takes big dough from Goldman
But acts not beholden,
To Wall Street she remains in deep hock.