Sunday, August 28, 2016

If Hillary Wins

“But we – Communists, the party – will not divide power with anyone.”

These words were uttered by Anatoly Lukyanov, Secretary of the Central Committee, Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1987 at a time when just four years separated the Soviet Union from collapse and dissolution. Some thirty years later the U. S. is on the brink of destroying its political-cultural system of limited government.  The words of Lukyanov suitably edited compose the “Vision Statement” of todays Democrat party.  This vision underlies its drive to a one party state where it completely owns all of the power.  No competition allowed.  We are almost there.

To achieve its goal of making the U.S. like Brazil or Argentina, the Democrat party with no shame or conscience has surrendered to a grifter of herculean stature, a Brezhnev-like robot straight out of a dark political satire.  That this dreary, humorless harridan is triumphantly waddling toward the White House cheer led by the propaganda organs of the media syndicates, Wall Street and the Hollywood idiots, signals the inauguration of a one-party state and the descent into a full blown kleptocracy.  Hillary will be our very own Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the Argentine corruption-queen President who followed in the footsteps of her President husband, Néstor, after he croaked.  The parallels with Bill and Hillary really are quite disturbing, although the randy ex-president has been more physically durable than his Latin doppelganger, Mr. Kirchner.

The Democrats have ceased to regard the Republicans as a party of loyal opposition.  Obama calls them his “enemies”.   Hillary has reduced them to Klansmen, neo-Nazis and white supremacists.  You don’t do business or share power with your enemies. You don’t respect and cooperate with Nazis: you eliminate them.  

The Republican establishment has yet to figure this out. They still think that American politics operates with Marquess of Queensberry rules:  the Democrats, however, have for a long time been channeling Vladimir Lenin and have only one rule, which is: there are no rules.  Whatever puts them in power – lying, suborning, cheating, character assassination, pay-to-play – stays in the playbook. “You gotta do what you gotta do”,
as Bill Clinton quipped to Bob Dole after he whipped him in 1996.

Obama, the community organizer, has normalized the Bolshevik-inspired Alinsky approach to politics in his now nearly eight years in office, employing his favorite Alinsky rule, number five: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.” Republicans have typically been about concessions, trying to show the Democrats and their propagandists that they really are not the bigots and racists that Democrats unrelentingly accuse them of being.  Please, I am not a racist! How can I show you?  Not a real strong bargaining position. Donald Trump and his Republican supporters are now the target of a massive, unprecedented campaign of ridicule and character assassination. Trump has been cast out of the mainstream, not to be considered as a legitimate contender for power, but as the tool of brutal atavistic political chauvinism, a water carrier for the KKK.  There is a close analog here with how the Communist Party in the Soviet Union denounced any and all opposition to their rule as “fascist”, thus completely outside the pale.  Racism is the American version of fascism for the Democrats.  If you oppose them, you are a racist and racists are not legitimate competitors, they are enemies, “haters of people not like themselves”.  “Racism” is the ultimate “Orwellianism” of our time as it is the tool of powerful ideologues who use race as a political weapon of division, vituperation and rancor and who despise anyone outside of their ideological orbit as morally and intellectually defective.

We now appear to be close to an end-game. The Republican establishment has thrown in with Hillary fully immersed in the delusion that their party can survive yet another Clinton presidency.  Some of them appear to believe that Hillary will be a one-term president, being awful enough that the Republicans can look forward to a restoration in 2020.  This is laughable. The Clintons, aligned as they are with the major organs of social and political power, now have no fear of accountability or lawful constraint. In the next four years Hillary will turn the Supreme Court a mutual admiration society of Marxist intellectuals pleased to stamp their imprimaturs on her depredations. President Hillary will flood the red states with federal dollar handouts and third world immigrants to enrich the Democrat client base and turn the country, electorally, into what we now see in California. Al Sharpton will likely have a cabinet appointment and ex-President Obama will be ubiquitously bloviating and excoriating his former “enemies”, the Republicans before his trained seals in the mainstream media. The 2020 Presidential election will be a Democrat landslide of 45 to 48 states with the Republicans blamed for the deteriorating economy and the continuous black rioting in the Democrat-run, rotting American big cities.